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"IYOV" - opera for prepared piano, cello, drums and voices.

The premiere of the opera "IYOV" was held on September 21, 2015 on the main stage of the biggest festival of contemporary art in Ukraine - VIII International multidisciplinary festival "GogolFest 2015". During 2015 the opera "IYOV" was presented in Austria, China and the United States.

Job (Iyov in Hebrew) is the central character of the Book of Job in the Bible. This is a story of his life, pride and disbelief, the search for life's meaning and death, hope and regret.

The center of musical scenography is the prepared piano, that turns into a real orchestra. The pianist and singers use a wide range of percussion instruments such as snare drum, marimba and timpani sticks, triangle, ride cymbal. They use coins, keys, fingers and nails for playing on the strings and the body of the grand piano. The instrument sounds like a harpsichord, drums and occasionally as a synthesizer or electronic sounds generator.

The premiere of the opera IYOV at 7:30 p.m. on March 1th in KPI Centre for Culture and Arts (Prospect Peremohy, 37).

Directed by Vlad Troitskyi

Music by Roman Grygoriv, Illia Razumeiko

Cast: Maryana Golovko (soprano), Anna Marych (soprano), Oleksandra Mailliet (mezzo-soprano), Andrey Koshman (baritone), Ruslan Kirsh (baritone), Elizaveta Kurbanmagometova (voice), Janna Marchynskaya (cello), Andrey Nadolskiy (percussion), Roman Grygoriv (grand piano, conductor), Illia Razumeiko (grand piano).

Sound Producer: Max Cabbage

Stage live visual performance by Tenpoint

Dakh Theater presents its new project - Dakh Daughters Band!

Seven graceful girls. Fifteen musical instruments. Rapid merging of styles and unexpected sound collages. Seven outstanding personalities with different music backgrounds (Nina Garenetska - "DakhaBrakha" band, Ruslana Khazipova - "Perkalaba" band, Tanya Hawrylyuk - solo project "TanyaTanya", Solomiia Melnyk - projects "Powerful Women" and "Soloma project", Anna Nikitina - project "Chanson Cabaret", Natalia Halanevych and Zo - ballet "BiZoN").

The secret of unifying power of the band is theater, because all the Dakh Daughters are actresses in the first place. Thus, each musical composition by Dakh Daughters is a mini-performance.

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Oficial page of Festival of Contemporary Art GOGOLFEST  www.gogolfest.org.ua



Oficial page of ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha www.dakhabrakha.com.ua  


DAKH Kiev Centre of Contemporary Arts was found by the businessman, maecenas, producer, director and actor Vladislav Troitskyi who became its art head. The centre was opened on 12th of November, 1994 and gradually turned into mighty cell of creative experimental activity searching for dynamic synthesis of different methods of acting and directing arts. One of the most important tasks of the centre was determined by V. Troitskyi as upbringing of universal actor of new type able to realize on a deep level each word and act of his personage, analyze spiritual sources of creativity and acting at the same time staying natural and convincing on a stage. And all that without a professional training.  

Thus, the singular art school of DAKH was formed combining achievements of realistic theatre of Vladimir Ogloblin, text theatre of Igor Lysov, intellectual clownery theatre of Valeryi Bilchenko, psychological and mistrial theatre of Boris Yukhananov, zero ritual of playwright and director Klim. Besides the plays directed by V. Ogloblin such as Vassa Zheleznova by M. Gorkyi, Shelmenko the Batman by G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, Krechinskyis Wedding by O. Suhovo-Kobylin the repertoire of the theatre was enriched by V. Troitskyis own project seven days with an Idiot - the plays based on Klims (Vladimir Klimenko) pieces put-up as unwritten chapters of F. Dostoevskyis novel Idiot. As the results of common work of Troitskyi and Klim such plays as Dostoevskyi-Chesterton: Crime Paradoxes or the Lonely Riders of Apocalypse, Love Den or Ukrainian Decameroune and Girl with Matches were born.

Being interested in folklore and authentic Ukrainian singing V. Troitskyi in spring 2004 founded ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha that unites traditions of performing and music instruments of different nations and in summer of the same year he started student theatre. Thats notably widened creative possibilities of DAKH and allowed to its art head to carry through the project Mystic Ukraine that includes three Shakespearian pieces: Prologue to Macbeth, Richard III. Prologue, King Lear. Prologue. They were successfully presented at the time of touring in Moscow, London and on many theatre festivals in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.   

Having as well some experience in organizing art exhibitions DAKH jointly with Cultural Art and Museum Complex Artistic Arsenal started art-audio-visual-theatre-literature-philosophic project named I International Festival of Arts GOGOLFEST dedicated to the future bicentenary from the great writers birth in April, 2009. Famous Ukrainian artists, sculptors, musicians, singers, drama actors, philosophers, litterateurs and also Ukrainian businessmen-maecenases aware of their public role joined the project. The aim of this long term project planned for at least two years was put by its author and initiator V. Troitskyi in this way: creating fairytale world tree of contemporary Ukrainian art civilization.

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