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2 of April at 15:00 Theatre "Practicum" and CCA "DAKH" pleased to present performance for children "MY NAME IS PETER"

Sometimes children feel themselves lonely and everyone is trying to teach them, but don't try to understand. So children search the consolation and own space in the video games and try to escape from the reality. But sometimes games have so strong influence that it's hard to understand where is the game and where is the reality.

Peter Pan is undeniable idol for ten-years-old Theo. A guy dreams about life in Neverland, where he'll never become adult. Theo wants to live in the fantastical world with no rules and no limits, where is allowed to bite the nails, to swallow chewing gums, to say bad words, to fight pirates, to fly, to go to bed whenever you want and don't brush your teeth. Theo imitates the fairy Peter and steals a little girl Jenny. They are going to live together in the old abandoned playground which becomes their own Neverland. But at which point the children's game stops to be innocent and safe? When Theo fell in love or when he heard the first 'Kill!'?

The performance My name is Peter delicately helps children to understand serious important things through the play. For parents it gives useful thoughts about how better to understand world's explorers, about how it's important to support children's dreams, about how to listen and to hear these little personalities.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Duration 2 hours with intermission
Tickets available by phones:
+380 (44)-529-40-62,
+380 (67)-190-46-70

7 and 9 of April at 19:00 Theatre "TAM" and CCA "DAKH" pleased to present performance based on R. Kiplings story "THE CAT, THAT WALKED BY HIMSELF"

The performance "The Cat, that walked by itself", based on the fairytale of R. Kipling, opens the viewer a magic world that is born here and now. Its narrators - are actors, musicians and artist, like ancient shamans they create the illusion of another reality to bring the beauty to this. In the performance the art of puppetry resembles a traditional ritual theater of Indonesia, and the game of shadows creates the effect of a living cartoon. The artist draws an animated scenery directly in the action. And the musicians create electronic music with live instruments and own voice. And all together this rises the story of those days when the world ceased to be wild and the primeval people and animals - equal. Only the Cat that walked by himself, was able to maintain its freedom and received the honorable place in a warm cave. This myth, that returns to the reference point that continues to our days.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission
Tickets available by phones:
+380 (44)-529-40-62, +380 (67)-190-46-70

8 and 15 of April at 19:00 CCA "DAKH" pleased to present solo-performance after KLIMs play GIRL WITH MATCHES

Directed by Vladislav Troiskyi
Performer: Elena Lesnikova

"Girl with matches" is the reflexion a hundred minutes long. The task to explain what is theatre and actor with a help of matches. It is not simple to retell the contents of the play without a box of matches sought for. The most important task for the author was, probably, to write a play for a woman and to remember once again about death and life which is terminal, broken and full of sufferings, dreams, feelings, global incomprehension of ourselves. And to be oneself is the strangest and the most unclaimed art. the voice of Lesnikova is beautiful. The play is performed in absolute darkness thats why it is just the voice you can value in a full measure. You can, at least, understand how blind people fall in love. There is no shadow of declamation in it and you want to talk to her right at the time of the play explaining and arguing, reproaching for follies and remembering life occurrences alike. Unfortunately, the format of the play didnt suppose excessive talkativeness of spectator

The language of the performance is Russian
Duration - 2 hours with intermission
Tickets available by phones:
+380 (44)-529-40-62, +380 (67)-190-46-70

12 March at 19:00 Laundry Theatre and CCA "DAKH" pleased to present collage-performance "We Exist"

We Are performance-collage made of memories about our fight for our own identity. We are trying to understand what is the task of our generation and how responsible do we feel to our history. Speculations and reflections. Theres a lot behind us, infinity ahead us, but changes will take place only after we realise that We Are.

Teatr-Pralnia (Laundry Theatre) combines things which highly unlikely to go together. Things like important and ordinary, general and particular, small and grand, mind and soul, theatre and laundry. We try to use our quest and the asked questions to wash the hearts, to remove stains from souls, to refresh minds, to cleanse the conscience. Teatr Pralnia the theatre of synthesis. We have human actors and artificial actors. In our performances we want to speak about things challenging, important, essential; about important things : a person, a country, a nation.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Duration - 1 hour 15 minutes without intermission
Tickets available by phones:
(063) 328-98-06,
(068) 355-1-773,
Bodya Yaremchuk

19 and 25 of April at 19:00 Post Residency Theatre Group and CCA "DAKH" pleased to present performance ""END OF PRETENDING 2.0." ???

19 and 25 of April at 20:00 at the premises of CCA "DAKH" will play first-run documentary "End of pretending 2.0." ??

The impetus for the creation of the project was the personal experience gained during a temporary stay in the civil society of the EU independent theatrical figures of Ukraine, which in late 2015 became members of the European Theatre Convention (ETC) Theatre, freedom, dialogue: European cooperation with theaters in Ukraine Belarus ".

The thematic focus of project team aims to double standards Ukrainian society, where imitation of reforms and dialogue "glossy picture on exports" replace real processes of transformation of state institutions is a prerequisite for integration into the European community.

Julia Gonchar playwright, translator
Pavel Yurov - director
Natalia Perchyshena - Technical Director
Alena Ovramenko - Visual Artist (live animation mapping), artist scene (with Jaroslava Sidorenko), designer
Daria Palahniuk - actress
Olga Popova - actress
Andrew Palatnyi - actor
Julia Fediv - curator
Anastasia Hayshenets - content editor, PR

Goethe-Institut Ukraine, ETC (European Theatre Convention), GOGOLFEST CCA "DAKH", NGO "Theatrical Platform"

The language of the performance is Ukrainian, Russian, English and Germany
Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission
Tickets available by phones:
+380 (44)-529-40-62, +380 (67)-190-46-70

23 and 29 of April at 19:00 Theatre "Practicum" and CCA "DAKH" pleased to present performance by Vira Makovii`s play "BUNA"

"Buna" - one of the best plays of Vira Makovii. Some kind of "parents and children" in carpathian mood, specifically "grandmothers and children". But there is nothing same with Turgeniev or Elegy. It is a poignant parable about the gap between generations which moves from the extremes to extremes. They do not even try to listen to each other. Unemployment, emigration, despair - families are destroyed from within and from without. To go or to stay? Begin to race for a Dream or preserve family values?

Tolerate bullying or begin the liberation struggle? What keeps these people at home? Performance of Theater "Practicum" enters into dialogue with young people, putting an edge no one "eternal question".

The language of the performance is Ukrainian
Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission
Tickets available by phones:
+380 (44)-529-40-62,
+380 (67)-190-46-70


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Dakh Theater presents its new project - Dakh Daughters Band!

Seven graceful girls. Fifteen musical instruments. Rapid merging of styles and unexpected sound collages. Seven outstanding personalities with different music backgrounds (Nina Garenetska - "DakhaBrakha" band, Ruslana Khazipova - "Perkalaba" band, Tanya Hawrylyuk - solo project "TanyaTanya", Solomiia Melnyk - projects "Powerful Women" and "Soloma project", Anna Nikitina - project "Chanson Cabaret", Natalia Halanevych and Zo - ballet "BiZoN").

The secret of unifying power of the band is theater, because all the Dakh Daughters are actresses in the first place. Thus, each musical composition by Dakh Daughters is a mini-performance.

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